Medical Channel Partners


Channel Partner Products

Channel Partnerships provide our clients with a trusted connection directly with manufacturers to purchase PPE, Covid-19 Test Kits, and other Medical supplies. Direct connections also lower wait times for shipping and lower prices for products.

We are able to provide a more secure and reliable way to obtain the above products by following strict due diligence practices with experience and expertise in the Life Sciences field. Our Affiliation with one of the largest fraud and due diligence law firms adds an extra provisions for our clients best interests.


Become a Channel Partner

Working with Venn connects yours technology, products, and ideas with the rest of the world. Our relationships with trusted partners in a vast array of industries means we are able to create connections that otherwise might be hard to come by.

We have an ever growing network of valuable partnerships that results in more that just finding customers. We are able to help bring ideas to life by connecting our clients to suppliers and expertise.

Medical Channel Partnerships

Venn Consulting is proud to support medical diagnostic, medical device, pharmaceutical and PPE companies with market access and sales opportunities.

To learn more about our Media Channel Partnerships and our PPE portfolio, please contact us.